If you are new to development, or phone development, this glossary may help.


  • C++ – A programming language
  • C# – An object oriented  programing language created by Microsoft and part of the .net framework.


  • Expression Blend – A design environment to create user interface components of applications using Silverlight or WPF.  It’s a part of Windows Phone Developer Tools.


  • MeeGo – An open source operating system for netbooks, mobile phones, and in-vehicle information systems developed by Nokia and Intel
  • Maemo – An open source operating system for Internet tablets and phones, developed by Nokia


  • Python – A programming language


  • QT – Pronounced “Cute”, an open source development environment and frame work with cross-platform support for Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo. You can also create desktop applications.
  • QML – a declarative language oriented on JavaScript to enable easy UI design.


  • Symbian – Nokia’s smartphone OS, the current version of which used to be called Symbian 3 but Nokia dropped the 3 bit earlier this year and will release future versions as updates.  On Febuary 11 2011, Nokia announced this would no longer be their primary smartphone platform, though the hope to sell another 150m devices running the system.
  • Series 40 – Nokia’s low end phone operating system.
  • Silverlight –  framework for creating lightweight multimedia applications which has been compared to Flash and WPF.  It is one of the 2 frameworks Microsoft provides for creating applications for Windows Phone.


  • Windows Phone – Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system, announced at Mobile World Congress in early 2010 and launched on devices that October.  As of February 11th 2011, Noia announced this would be their primary smartphone operating system.


  • Visual Studio – Microsoft’s development environment for creating mobile, desktop and web based applications.


  • XAML – A interpreted design language for user interfaces in Visual Studio for applications using WPF or Silverlight
  • XDA  – Microsoft’s Multimedia development language used in XBox games.

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