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One Windows Dev

This week, I have launched my new blog at  It’s early days, there are only 2 posts so far and I am sure I’ll be playing with the style and other customizations in the next few weeks, but it’s … Continue reading

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Leaning code, learning blogging, and just learning

I’ll be resuming blogging in the near future, however this blog has been effectively dead since October 2013. Yes, there has been one post since then. These days, the name is out of date, and some of the technologies mentioned … Continue reading

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Becoming a real mobile developer, and a return to blogging

This site has been pretty quiet for a while now, but I will begin adding content here again soon. I’ve got my first app submitted to the Windows Phone app store and I’m hopeful that it will pass Microsoft’s testing … Continue reading

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Why the Lumia 521 is right for T-Mobile

One of the smaller announcements during MWC was T-Mobile announcing it is picking up a variant of the Nokia Lumia 520, which will be the 521.  The 520 is Nokia’s new bottom-of-the-range smartphone so it’s somewhat surprising that T-Mobile USA … Continue reading

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The Symbian Users wish list for Windows Phone – How does Windows 8 do?

So when Nokia announced the switch to windows 8 there were many people making lists of all the things Symbian could do that windows Phone couldn’t.  This was not about the software as such, but that the hardware simply would … Continue reading

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Hotmail issues on N9 (or other device)? Here’s a workaround…(Updated)

So for several weeks now I have had issues with my Hotmail account on my N9.  It’s fine through the website and it’s fine on Windows Phone but not as a Mail For Exchange account on my N9.  I have … Continue reading

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In praise of the HTC HD2

This isn’t quite an obituary, but it feels close. Just after getting Windows Phone 7 satisfactorily set up on my HD2, I dropped it and the screen, which already had one crack in one corner, suffered a much bigger crack, … Continue reading

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