Shoppers Calculator privacy policy

Shoppers calculator stores the settings and application data locally on the users phone and no data about what you buy is sent back to me as the developer about that.  There are however, several services used by Shoppers Calculator that may be collecting data:

  • Application Insights
    • I use this service for diagnostic data to see hat features are used frequently.  For example, I can add a metric to track if people use landscape view and I will know when people launch Shoppers Calculator, if they are using landscape mode, and the service provides page/screen view statistics by default. I also create some error information there.  The data is anonymous so I couldn’t relate this data back to a single specific user.
  • Splunk Mint
    • This is an exception/error tracking service and application error data is sent here.  This includes data about what code was being run at the time of the error, the make and model of device and language of the device.
  • Microsoft Advertising & AdDuplex
    • These services provide adverts. They may be gathering stats around adverts you click on or other data to provide more relevant ads to you.
    • This service is used to provide sales tax rates based on your location. Therefore, your location is sent to them whenever you use the Get My Rate button. As far as I can tell, that location data is used purely to provide tax rate information for that location.