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Nokia Luna Headset Review

This next paragraph was written a few weeks back when I first got the Luna headset: So lucky me, I won a Nokia Luna headset. I have to admit, i didn’t realize this was the prize on offer when entering … Continue reading

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The Symbian Users wish list for Windows Phone – How does Windows 8 do?

So when Nokia announced the switch to windows 8 there were many people making lists of all the things Symbian could do that windows Phone couldn’t.  This was not about the software as such, but that the hardware simply would … Continue reading

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The Key Details from the Windows Phone 8 Preview

Microsoft has revealed some Windows Phone 8 features today at an event in San Francisco. They didn’t reveal the full end user experince, but fcussed on platform upgrades. However, we know enough to know that Windows Phone 8 is  hugely significant change from Windows Phone 7.5. … Continue reading

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Hotmail issues on N9 (or other device)? Here’s a workaround…(Updated)

So for several weeks now I have had issues with my Hotmail account on my N9.  It’s fine through the website and it’s fine on Windows Phone but not as a Mail For Exchange account on my N9.  I have … Continue reading

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