Symbian Belle devices and official update announced.

So this morning (or evening in Hong Kong time, where the announcement was made), Nokia made a few announcements regarding Symbian Belle.  So the good Symbian news continues for many people who will get the chance to buy a NFC enabled Symbian belle device, or for those who will be able to update their device to use the software.  We don’t know yet what countries will get these devices, other than to know that the US won’t get them as Nokia have decided to stop trying to sell Symbian devices in the US, so they can focus on Windows Phone.

Symbian Belle

Symbian Bell is a major UI revision for Symbian 3 phones and introduces a lot of new features including:

  • Free-form widgets – yes, an end to the rigid height and with requirements of previous Symbian versions
  • A more customizable layout -stick shortcuts and widgets anywhere
  • Independent landscape and portrait layouts
  • More home screens
  • A notifications pull down menu as single home for missed call, text and email alerts
  • NFC integration

You can check out the full details at Nokia Conversations

The update will be available for existing devices (N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, E6) in Q4 which most likely means December, but given the good things being said about the leaked version, it could be sooner in the quarter.


A few weeks ago it emerged that new Symbian devices were coming, and then we heard about the Nokia 500.  Now 3 more have been unveiled (making 4 out of 10 of the Symbian devices to come since the X7 and E6 announcements).

Nokia 600

This is a music focused phone which apparently has Nokia’s loudest speakers in a phone to date. It also contains not just an FM transmitter but a built in FM receiver so you don’t need headphones in to use it to listen to the radio.  In addition, it features a 1Ghz processor, NFC technology, 3.2inch screen, 5MP camera and 2GB on-board storage, with a Micro SD card slot taking cards up to 32GB.

Nokia 600 Full Spec Sheet from Nokia Developer

Nokia 700

This is the smallest smartphone in the world and probably the greenest, being made of recycled plastics and metals. It has a 1Ghz processor, NFC technology, a 3.2inch clear black display and 5MP camera, as well as 2GB on-board storage, with a Micro SD card slot taking cards up to 32GB.

Nokia 700 Full Spec sheet from Nokia Developer

Nokia 701

This is probably the highest spec phone of the three featuring an 8MP camera and 3.5inch screen.  In fact, the specs are very similar to the Nokia C7, as is the styling.  However, this phone’s main selling point is having the brightest screen in the world with that 3.5inch IPS LCD screen using Clear Black technology. The reason this is significant is that it should be easy to read in sunny conditions. Other specs include a 1Ghz processor, NFC technology and 8GB on board storage, expandable with up to 32GB via Micro SD Card.  It also has amazing battery life at 17 hours talk time.

Nokia 701 Full Spec Sheet from Nokia Developer


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