Nokia’s new strategy cleared up, then confused again

Chris Weber, Nokia’s head of Markets for North America has been speaking to AllThingsD and in the interview revealed quite a bit about Nokia’s strategy for the US. The simple part is this: No Symbian or S40 devices get official US launches, and nor will the N9.  Nokia will be selling Windows Phone devices in the US and only through carrier partnership, with Nokia turning their back on unlocked devices.

They are attempting to become the most carrier friendly manufacturer and so all of the above makes sense (except killing S40 in the US) and allows Nokia to focus on Windows Phone in a market where Symbian wasn’t especially successful. It also means thy are not having to promote competing platforms. So it’s simple, Nokia controls which counties get a device.  However, all of a sudden we got confused again.

You see, the N9 wasn’t supposed to show up in the USA, or the UK either, or Germany. An email was sent about this to Stephen Elop from a British Nokia fan hoping one of the UK carriers would list it. He did get a response from Stephen Elop which said that carriers can choose whatever phone they want to carry. So it’s not Nokia but operators who get to say which countries get a device.  Either way, it is also clear that some online retailers are not worried about the rules on who gets what either. Expansys appears to be offering the N9 for pre-order in various countries including the UK and USA, and, and Mobilefun also have listed it in the UK as well.


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