Nokia Windows Phone going to Europe First (Devs take note)

So all over the place this morning is the news that Nokia’s first Windows phone models will launch in 6 European countries and surprisingly not Finland or the USA.  Victor Saeijs, VP of Nokia Europe indicated that the launch countries will be France, Germany, England, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy. I wonder if Finland is missing because Microsoft’s services are not going to be available in Finland by then – a bit of a let down if that’s the case. I had certainly expected the USA to be there, and perhaps it still will be and this was just a European talking to a European audience.

Just in case though, if you are thinking of launching into developing apps for Windows Phone and you want to take advantage of Nokia’s entry to the platform, consider things that would appeal to a western European audience and has European language translations and number/date formats.  If it involves weights and measures then make sure your app has an option to use metric units.

According to Phone Arena, he also mentioned that Symbian Anna will be out in July for existing handsets and the Belle update is on target for launch later this year – good news for those who figured that would end up being in 2012.

Sources: Engadget, Phone Arena, WMPowerUser


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