Nokia dev tries Windows Phone development

While i have been admittedly slow to try out the Windows Phone developer tools (They are downloaded and installed though), just as I have been slower than i wanted to start developing real apps in Qt, a Forum.Nokia member has taken the plunge.  He created a Solitare game and asked him about his experience.

You can see it with links etc at

I have long experience with Symbian and Qt / Qt Quick development on Nokia’s Symbian and Maemo platforms and I work as Team Manager of Mobile Qt team and Software Specialist in Digia Finland. is free project hosting service from Nokia and I have many of my development projects there. I would warmly recommend the site to developers, if you need source code version control or want to share your code. It is also possible to keep your code private.

We have heard all that Nokia is choosing Windows Phone as its main platform in the future. Inspired by that, I tried to implement the Solitaire card game in the XNA Game Framework on Windows Phone 7. I have never done anything with C Sharp or Windows Phone before, and I have not even studied these.

I decided to jump into the deep end and try to development Solitaire without any XNA study and without any help searching from Internet. I was only allowed to generate empty XNA project with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone and read only headers of classes. Empty project offered some help, there is for example TODO sections in the code that tells where to load resources for the application.

The most difficult problem were solve how to derive classes in C Sharp and managing to create some kind of pointer or reference to class. But I managed!

XNA feels a lot like Qt language and Microsoft Silverlight is like Qt Quick but a bit more messy and not as readable that Qt Quick. I would say that it takes the same time to implement Solitaire with XNA or Qt. Native Symbian C++ implementation would take x4 time as long.

Qt SDK and Qt Creator have become quite well developed. I am waiting the latest Qt SDK 1.1. release. Qt has its Qt Mobility that is mobile oriented functionality on Qt. Microsoft does not have that kind of features. Read more about Qt Mobility at

Microsoft has always had good helps, but the same has nowadays Qt at and of course Qt Creator is integrated into that help.

I choose still Qt and most preferably Qt Quick for platform of my next projects; it is so easy and fast to implement applications on it. When Nokia and Microsoft release their first common mobile phone, I think that XNA will be more interest.

There exists some Qt on Android project, read more and see video about it at Guess I am I waiting for Qt on Windows Phone?

Feel free to load “My best guess” XNASolitaire source from Project Forum Nokia at

Tero Paananen
“tepaa” nickname at Project Forum Nokia

I think this is a good sign and a good thing as it shows that at least one Nokia dev is wiling to make the transition.  Although Symbian and QT will be around for a while yet, this will be important for Nokia to open their dev community to Windows Phone projects.

It also speaks well of both platforms – Qt and QtQuick which he is more familiar with, and C# and Silverlight, though I think at some pints in the above when he says Silverlight he may mean XAML.

On a related note, I was going to be doing a bunch of Windows Phone stuff next week as part of attending Twin Cities Code Camp, but plans have changed and I will no longer be going.  So maybe, I will have a go at creating a few things in both QtQuick and Silverlight and report back at some point soon.


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I am a software developer with most professional experience in the Windows .Net realm and I'm currently a WPF developer with Starkey Labs. However, I have wanted for some time to start the mobile developer journey properly and being an N900 owner, this was to be in the realm of QT. Job hunting, moving to Minnesota and changing jobs put my plans on hold 6-12 months but things are starting to settle now, just as I'm getting sorted to start some things, Microsoft and Nokia merge. This blog is about my novice mobile development experiences and hopefully will end up complete with links to download some apps on various platforms, but obviously by the name, Sybian, Maemo/Meego and Windows Mobile. In other stuff, I am English, I support Everton FC, I have visited Glastonbury music festival 5 times and recommend it to anyone. I am married and my wife and i have a dog called Friday.
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