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The inevitable job cuts.

Nokia announced yesterday it would be cutting 7000 from it’s workforce – 3000 transferred to Accenture, a consulting firm which has along relationship with Nokia, and 4000 will be looking for another job. Nokia is trying to save 1 billion … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Nokia sign agreement – Phones, Resources, Jobs, Money, Symbian and Developers

Nokia and Microsoft have signed an agreement which will see Windows Phone become the primary smartphone operating system for Nokia phones.  This was all announced back in February, but the details have been fleshed out and we now have a … Continue reading

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Symbian Anna, New Devices, Windows Phone updates, and a book

A bit of old news as I catch up (I have been on vacation) but it’s well worth mentioning. Nokia announce Symbian Anna Nokia X7 and E6 devices Nokia have published a book for developers Mango / Next demoed at … Continue reading

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Thinking about Constructive Distruption

A post written last week but i was only just able to publish: Two things happened last week that gave me mixed feelings about Stephen Elop. on the one hand, i watched a talk he gave at mcmaster university, his … Continue reading

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Nokia makes Symbian source code availiable

Last year the Symbian foundation ceased to be and Symbian stopped being an open source and was bought in house for to Nokia.  Now Nokia have made it available again, but not quite in the same open source was as … Continue reading

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Nokia dev tries Windows Phone development

While i have been admittedly slow to try out the Windows Phone developer tools (They are downloaded and installed though), just as I have been slower than i wanted to start developing real apps in Qt, a Forum.Nokia member has … Continue reading

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