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News and opinion: That silver lining

So yesterday I posted my opinion of the news that AT&T are buying T-mobile.  Now one thing this would mean is a single GSM operator in the US which would give them huge influence over any manufacturer who didn’t build … Continue reading

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QtQuick competition update

No luck for me sadly, my entries were not good enough to get me a new Nokia E7.  Ultimately, the deadline caught me off guard and if my initial postings were more like they are now I would have been … Continue reading

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News and opinion: At&t to buy T-mobile

It has been a couple of days since this news broke. If you missed it, AT&T have agreed a deal with Deutch Telekom to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion. At&t say this will mean that LTE can come quicker … Continue reading

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QML ListView, joys, frustrations and Windows Phone hubs

Today I did some more work on my Windows Phone hub project in QML and updated the wiki for it.  You can see it at Can QtQuick create a Windows Phone Hub? Whilst doing this I discovered more joys and … Continue reading

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QML Paging Using ListView

I originally published this How-To at Forum.Nokia and is an updated version of my entry into the QtQuick competiton. There are many uses for paging in mobile apps. One use is to create something like a desktop view – Symbian … Continue reading

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Shooting yourself in the foot

This is written on the back of increased frustration with commenter on various blogs saying things like: Why are Nokia releasing symbian devices, isn’t it dead – give me Windows Phone already. Nokia dropped Symbian and now sold QT, right … Continue reading

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Official release of Meego for N900 is on!

Official release of Meego for N900 is on! So apparently there will be an official version of Meego for the N900, something we had always been told wouldn’t happen.  It will be dubbed “Developer Edition” and will be based off … Continue reading

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