Qt – starting out

I did some bits of development over the weekend and this evening, or at least i tried too.  We also had about 15 inches of snow so much time has been spent shoveling and roof raking.

At the time of writing I am now most of the way through the second tutorial in the Nokia forum hands-on lab series.  You can look up the series here:


To date i have a few things I wanted to share, though less about the labs specifically – i’m write about those tomorrow or later this week.

Firstly – QT.  When downloading QT make sure it’s the Nokia SDK version rather than standard. It’s the Nokia SDK version that has the Symbian and Maemo simulators and as it takes ages to install, it’s a pain when you install it and it doesn’t have what you expect.  You get the Nokia SDK version though Forum.Nokia then going to Library, then Tools and Downloads.

Second – Mad Developer for the N900.  The instructions for this are outdated now with newer versions around.  The existing instructions are at:
http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtcreator-snapshot/creator-developing-maemo.html#installing-and-configuring-mad-developer and there are also some in the QT Everywhere lab.

However – when setting up USB on Windows 7, you don’t need the PC connectivity suite to look up USB networking for you. Windows will install the drivers and get you hooked up. Just ping the device with it’s USB address and you will find it works. Also for some reason, my PC couldn’t ping my device via it’s wifi address.

Still, it’s nice to develop and sent it straight to the device.  I’m brand new to QT (well, i did a basic tutorial many months ago) and so far I like it, even as a Visual Studio developer professionally. It’s a great way to learn both the framework, and the c++ language too.  Anyway, more on  these tutorials tomorrow (probably).


About bluechrism

I am a software developer with most professional experience in the Windows .Net realm and I'm currently a WPF developer with Starkey Labs. However, I have wanted for some time to start the mobile developer journey properly and being an N900 owner, this was to be in the realm of QT. Job hunting, moving to Minnesota and changing jobs put my plans on hold 6-12 months but things are starting to settle now, just as I'm getting sorted to start some things, Microsoft and Nokia merge. This blog is about my novice mobile development experiences and hopefully will end up complete with links to download some apps on various platforms, but obviously by the name, Sybian, Maemo/Meego and Windows Mobile. In other stuff, I am English, I support Everton FC, I have visited Glastonbury music festival 5 times and recommend it to anyone. I am married and my wife and i have a dog called Friday.
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